Top 10 tips to select the best EV charger

Top 10 tips to select the best EV charger

I would not be wrong if I call this era the time of electric vehicles. They are gaining popularity and have won the faith of millions worldwide. But having an excellent electric car is not sufficient. You should have access to a reliable EV charger too. Charging through it should be convenient, and you should not face any hassle during the process. But fortunately, there are a lot of options available in the market. That itself can be troublesome on certain occasions. Because too many choices will make it hard to pick the right one. But don’t worry; we are here to assist. This article will discuss the top 10 tips to help you choose the ideal EV charger for your requirements. If you follow these tips and steps, we can guarantee your charging experience will be pleasant. At the same time, it will take the maximum performance out of the electric vehicle.


Finalize your charging requirements.

It should be the first step when you are choosing an EV charger. Before going ahead and purchasing an EV charger for you, you should identify what your charging needs are. It’s crucial because it can differ according to the distance you travel daily and the battery capacity. The charging infrastructure of the area you are living in is also a factor that affects this. After closely assessing this, you can come to a conclusion. You might need the EV charger level one, level two, or level three per your requirements.


Get an idea about the charging speed.

SpeedWhen buying an EV charger, the charging speed is a vital factor that you should consider. Let us give you some guidance about this. Level one charges are known to be the slowest regarding the charging speed. They are highly considered to be suitable for charging overnight. On the other hand, level two charges are faster when compared with level one. They are great for daily charging at home. Level three charges are uncommon when it comes to homes. These charging speeds are rapid and significant for long-distance travelers. But the level three costs are expensive when considered with the other two.



You may have different plans with your EV charger. One might use it in different locations or prefer to take it when traveling. On such occasions, you should go for a portable charging solution. When you get a portable EV charger, you can charge your vehicle at any place with a power outlet. It provides flexibility and convenience too. But if you are going for a portable EV charger, that is something that you should keep in mind. The charging speed of these is significantly less when considered with fixed EV chargers.



When we are using an EV charger, there is another thing that we should take into consideration. That is the compatibility between the EV charger you use and your car. Some charges are not compatible with all EV models. Therefore, consider the compatibility of your EV charger with your vehicle. It should be able to support the standards of charging and the connectors. Several issues could arise if you need to consider compatibility. Problems in compatibility may result in inefficient charging and inability to charge.


Have a good idea about the charging infrastructure.

The charging infrastructure is different in different areas. Therefore you should be vigilant about the charging infrastructure of your location. Do you have charging stations near the place you live? Are they crowded? At what times can you access those? It would help if you answered these questions before buying an EV charger. This knowledge can help you decide which EV charger to install. Other than that, we advise you to consider the developments in the charging network that will happen in the future. These developments can affect the selection of your EV charger.




It is a priority when selecting an EV charger for your electric vehicle. Safety verifications are a must that you should look for. These verifications will ensure that the charges in question have been tested and met the required standards. Certain features provide additional safety. These features include fault circuit interrupters and thermal protection capabilities. These kinds of measures can’t help you prevent yourself from accidents that can occur.


Smart features

There are EV charges with many smart features and connectivity options. They are capable of improving the user experience and offering convenient services. We advise you to look for the EV charges that provide these features. With the smart features, you can monitor the charging stations, get notifications, and have better control and flexibility.


Quality of the EV charger.

When you are buying charges, you should take the build quality and the durability into consideration. If you are investing your money in a durable EV charger that is high in quality, it can provide long-term services. When the EV charger is built from materials of high quality, it can tolerate various weather conditions in a better way. Therefore a solid build is mandatory. An EV charger that is durable tends to have a lifespan longer than the others. Because of this, you won’t have to face regular replacements.


Get recommendations from experts and read the reviews.

EV chargers

Are you new to the EV world? If that is the case, you should take advice from EV owners and experts when choosing an EV charger. You should read the reviews data available online. Various groups, such as online forums and EV owner communities, can help you with feedback on the performance and reliability of different EV chargers. You should consider these factors before purchasing a charger.


Warranty and they are customer support services.

It is the last point, but it is significant. You should check for the warranty that the EV charging manufacturer offers. The manufacturer is confident about the app product if the warranty period is high. They are sure that they will not malfunction that often. While reading the reviews, check for the customer support provided by the manufacturer. Are they responsive, and have they helped the customers in difficult situations? If you get a positive response after answering all these questions, you can buy a new charger from that seller.



Here are some of the most important things you should consider when buying an EV charger. We hope that this article helps you. Reviews, warranty, durability, smart features, and safety features are some of the most essential tips we can give you. We wish you good luck and purchasing.