What is a portable EV charger

What is a portable EV charger

The world is evolving, and so is our industry. In the recent past, what has been changing? Most companies have started researching portable charges and how they can reap those benefits. Where do we need portable charges, and do we need them? Certain places cannot be connected to a grid. At the same time, there are certain events where installing a public charging network seems not practical at all. Refer to the above two examples for a moment. Such instances are where the portable EV charges become handy.

The importance of a portable EV charger.

The benefits of using a portable EV charger

We all know that, not even in Singapore but worldwide, EV stations are gradually becoming necessary. However, due to the extensive disruption that is caused when it comes to installing a charger for car parks or street charging, portable charging solutions can probably be the next big thing.

If they have EV chargers installed at their condominiums or homes , most electric car owners charge their vehicles at home for a longer charge. But what if they are constantly traveling and usually out of home? They’ll need a place to top up and ensure that they don’t run out of charge on their journeys. The portable EV chargers can be deployed at any place across the country, helping EV drivers stay connected.


Portable EV charger is?

The truth is that; portable electric car chargers are a product category that is relatively new to the world of electric vehicles. But as explained above, they possess the potential to play a key part. Anxiety about the range of an electric vehicle is something that frequently plagues new buyers of these types of vehicles. Portable charging stations for electric vehicles are compatible with most automobiles that use either type 1 or type 2 charging cables.

The benefits of using a portable EV charger

The importance of a portable EV charger

We discussed in our intro that, the people whose jobs need them to drive longer distances may find it beneficial to have an electric vehicle charger that is portable with them at all times. Doing so will eliminate a lot of inconveniences the drivers might face when they are on their way. There is no doubt about the fact that having a conventional system in place ensures your vehicle is fully charged at all times possible.

But if a portable EV charger is always available with you, you do not have to worry about running out of charge at all. If you ask for our recommendation, what we have to suggest is that, if you are capable of getting a conventional system installed in your home, just go for one. Nevertheless, charging facilities for electric vehicles are essential; for instance, a mobile app may be used to locate public charging ports in a certain location. There is no cause to be concerned about the cruising range so long as fuel consumption is paid attention to. 

Here is a piece of good news. Statistics have proven that a growing number of auto repair shops and roadside assistance companies have started fitting their cars with portable electric vehicle chargers. The above trend is not limited to Singapore. We are talking worldwide. In this manner, the driver is aware that the service provider provides assistance in extreme circumstances.

It enables stranded drivers to go back on the road again. It is conceivable that car dealerships and garages will begin routinely installing portable electric vehicle chargers in their service cars as the number of people driving electric vehicles continues to rise. Portable electric vehicle chargers can be considered vital onboard fleet equipment. Commercial users can utilize these to ensure that their vehicles can be charged normally. Similarly, companies that rent out electric automobiles can make them available to customers in an emergency.

Do you need a portable EV charger for yourself?

Do you need a portable EV charger for yourself

Here comes the million-dollar question. Do you need a portable EV charger for yourself? Let us do the briefing. Have you heard of an Occasional Use Charger? What about a Trickle Charger or an Emergency Charger? If you have, are you in doubt about what they are? All these names refer to the Portable EV Charger that we are talking about in this article. It is a small portable charging cable for your electric vehicle. You can plug this into any domestic 10amp/240-volt household PowerPoint.

Portable electric vehicle chargers are categorized under Level 1 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). One might question why. The reason is their limited capacity to charge electric vehicles. For those who do not know what an EVSE is, it is a term that refers to any charging equipment for electric vehicles.

As its name implies, the portable EV charger is a portable and convenient solution. If you are an owner of this product, the chances of you running out of charge and facing a hassle are very low. It is literally impossible not to be able to plug into a 10amp socket someplace. What are the drawbacks of these chargers? A major one of those is the slow rate at which the device may be charged is one of the drawbacks associated with its portability.

Important: This is typically a standard accessory on most electric vehicles. Examples of these vehicles include the BMW i3 and the BMW i8.

The bottom line

Your options for charging your electric vehicle are expanding in tandem with the rise in the popularity of electric vehicles. Significant progress is being made toward the goal of offering a wide variety of options to charge the battery of an electric vehicle.

Additionally, portable chargers are becoming more affordable as well. At the same time, the cost of charging stations for electric vehicles is decreasing. It is now possible to get a portable charger with 16 amps that cost less than a low-end laptop computer.

If you are a proud owner of an electric vehicle, it is beneficial to carry a portable charger with you at all times. The Mode 2 connection that sometimes comes standard with electric automobiles is typically slower than the additional portable charger that can be purchased separately.