The Essential Guide to Electric Car Maintenance: Tips and Tricks

electric car

What vehicles are simple to operate? Without a doubt, electric vehicles are way easier to operate when compared with traditional vehicles. But did you know that you have to put in a lot of effort to maintain electric vehicles? In this article, we are going to make the electric car maintenance process easier for you. We know that EV owners often get into trouble for not being able to carry out electric car maintenance properly.

First, you should realize that taking care of your traditional EV is completely different from maintaining your electric vehicle. To be clear, you should not think that EVs require more attention on certain aspects. Most people have a wrong perception. They believe that the maintenance of an EV is all about the battery. But that is not true at all. The electric car maintenance tricks that we will talk about in this article are not applicable to all EVs. Because the tricks also can differ depending on the type of EV you are using.


You should pay attention to your driving needs.

drivingWe all know that electric vehicles have become popular recently. Honestly speaking, they are still in their infancy stage. That is why most of the experts are recommending you be more conscious while using an EV when compared with internal combustion vehicles. When an error occurs in a traditional vehicle, you might know what the reason for that particular malfunction is, but it could not be the same for an EV.
If you own an EV and are driving it over 75 miles per hour on a regular basis, think twice. It is not recommended. It is advised not to accelerate faster than 75 miles per hour with your latest electric vehicle.

That is mainly because your EV battery could take a hit when you drive at very high speeds. Forget EVS [EVs]; even in traditional vehicles, it is not recommended to make consistent changes in the speed. If you have this bad habit, it will definitely take a toll on your car battery.

Suppose you encounter a situation where a certain feature of your EV is not working properly in your electric vehicles. Are you going to tap the buttons repeatedly? It is not advised to do. Instead, try to turn the car off for a second. Then you can try again.


Take care of your motor properly.

ev motorIf you are concerned bout, electric car maintenance, the car owners need to keep their vehicles in good condition for a long time. The same goes for EV owners. You should pay special attention to the motor if you want to keep your EV in good working order.

Firstly, you should know that a conventional vehicle needs a certain level of maintenance, and that level is way less than an electric vehicle. In an internal combustion vehicle, the major maintenance tasks include oil-changing processes and fuel filters. On the other hand, in an EV, you have to deal with a few parts and the above tasks are not required. It sounds simple, right? But, there are certain things that you cannot ignore and require the most in EVs.

One such important task is frequently servicing the motor of your EV. We highly recommend getting the help of a mechanic who is experienced in working with electric vehicles to do this for you. It will give you much better results in electric car maintenance.


Take good care of your battery.

ev batteryAs we mentioned above, you do not have to pay attention to electric car maintenance a lot, when compared with traditional vehicles. But you should keep an eye on the battery. Battery is the power source of your electric vehicle, and hence, it requires proper maintenance. What determines the duration of your battery hold? The surroundings, your driving patterns and your charging methods are some of these factors.

In our previous articles, we have talked about what Battery Management Systems are. It is also known as BMS and is responsible for taking care of your electric vehicle battery. You may have heard of the term SoH if you are a technical person. It is also known as “State of Health“. BMS is also taking care of the SoH of an electric vehicle. If your battery management system is defective, it can cause harm to your electric vehicle. When you meet a mechanic for your next service session, make sure to ask him to check the BMS of your vehicle properly.

Let us give you a small tip for electric car maintenance. You have a lithium-ion battery on your mobile phone. The battery on your EV can be considered as a scaled-up version of your mobile phone battery. You can try and use the tricks that you use to prevent the battery of your mobile phone to safeguard your EV battery as well. Let us provide you with some tips that will improve the life of your battery. You can maintain consistent charge at all times possible. Also, refrain from turning on the necessary features of your electric vehicle.


Understand what brake regeneration is.

brakeIf you are an electric vehicle user and is concerned about electric car maintenance, you might be aware of the concept of regenerative braking. In a case where you want to increase the time that your brake pads remain in an effective state of operation, utilizing regenerative braking will be useful. Let us teach you the science here. When you are applying brakes on your EV, the kinetic energy will be converted to electricity. That energy is used in powering your electric vehicle. It is an effective method. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the routine maintenance of your braking system.

When it comes to electric car maintenance, let us point you to something that will help you keep both the brake system and batteries in good condition. You should try to avoid driving at significantly faster speeds. When you are driving slow at most times, it will keep your battery charged for a longer time. But if you find it difficult to drive slowly because of the circumstances, try to pre-plan your route before starting to drive. Select the routes with lesser traffic as your route.



During electric car maintenance, don’t forget to give the engine the attention and care it deserves, park in the appropriate spots, and familiarise yourself with the ways in which regenerative brakes differ from traditional brakes. Make sure that you give enough attention to the important things mentioned above if you need to carry out electric car maintenance properly.