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Are you looking for an EV charger installation expert for your home or business? If you need a complete solution, we have it. We offer fast EV solutions for both the home and the workplace. We are the leading providers of Electric vehicle charging solutions in Singapore.

There is an increase in the number of electric vehicles on the road, and charging stations on every corner will soon become the new normal. We keep our consumers delighted and loyal by providing them with user-friendly and
straightforward electric vehicles charging solutions. We believe that consumers should be able to charge their electric vehicles at retail, car dealerships, and other customer service institutions. Our EV solutions are compatible with the majority of the most widely used charging protocols. As the electric vehicle industry progresses, new solutions are developed and implemented by us. Our support service systems ensure that you are always up to date with the latest developments.

Also, we offer a diverse product line that includes alternating current chargers, direct current chargers, and charging site management systems. Our solutions can increase the energy efficiency of charging services in order to keep up with the growing demand for electric vehicles.

As Singapore’s leading electric vehicles charging professionals, we deliver cost-effective, safe, and dependable EV solutions to businesses and individuals. From our base in Toh Guan Center Singapore, we have numerous years of combined experience in the electrical industry and energy efficiency in the commercial and residential markets. Our objective is to give you the finest electric vehicle charging experience possible. Our customers are our top concern, and we make every effort to provide them with only the greatest level of service possible.

All our services and products are designed to meet or exceed Singaporean and international standards, ensuring that their performance and dependability are unsurpassed. Our charging infrastructure is widely regarded as the best in the industry in nations all over the world. It’s easy to use, long-lasting, and compatible with the vast majority of electric vehicles.

All Round Solutions for EV Charging Connectivity

We can design and custom various solutions that covers

  • Install a variety of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE)
  • MNL software platforms deliver real-time information necessary to optimize operations, analyzing business and technical data for efficient decision-making + smart energy management helps reduce capital and operating costs
  • MNL EV Charging platform provides all the necessary features to run and maintain your EV Charging network. From Retails, Municipalities, Public places , Home , Commercial and Fuel stations.
  • In-house technical and engineering team that provides the most efficient  EV Charging solution and supports needed after-sales

Categories We Offer


Full Range of EV Charging Options

  • AC , DC , CCS EV Chargers with Multiple communication and Programmable charging  modes

Commercial & Residential EV charger installation service provider

  • Our wide range of AC / DC Charger solution will be able to meet the different demands required at the commercial and residential level
MNL EV Software Picture

Software and APP control

  • Our software management system is able to track and trace all of our changing station’s activity and conduct wireless updating. APP control is also available giving the user the platform to perform the charging from our stations and real-time insights on the usage


  • Provides professional EV Charger design and consultation to efficiently support the fastest charge possible.
  • Flexible / Customizable set up for different scenarios with programmable functions.
  • Full Scope EV Charger set up which includes DB fabrications, LEW Consultation and endorsement and cabling works.
  • In-house 24/7 standby technicians to remote assist or site rectification
  • Promises Efficient and Fast Turnkey Solutions
  • Flexible maintenance arrangement that cost less and
    prolongs the lifespan of the chargers

Approved Electric Vehicle Charger Operator

Charge point operators

Charge point installers

Future-Proof Your Businesss

Extra effort has been put into on Our EV Charging Solutions to make it a sound investment for our partners

  • Adjustable charging fees to generate additional revenue and manage the charging stations easily with our management software
  • Our software and APP is paired with automated payment channels
  • Able to generate reports and real-time status about the use of the chargers so as to help make decisive decisions
  • Our intelligent and centralized charging management software allows our partners to manage their own profitable charging network a breeze

MNL Wide EV Charging Infrastructure

Approved EV Charger Operator

Our Values

1. Flexibility

Customizable solutions that will upkeep the user experience and Monetization flexibility for our partners

2. Uniqueness and Creativity

Solutions that hybridize Uniqueness and Creativity to enhance your EV  infrastructure.

3. 360° visibility

Provides our partners & client a 360° visibility with real-time analytics, reports, and insight-driven dashboards.

4. New levels experience

Up to date Technologies to provide new levels of convenience in the EV Charging experience.

MNL EV Charging Platform

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Charger map, availability & reservation

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Managing various payment options

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Charging history information

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Find and navigate to an EV charger

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Charging session management

Partner With Us

The Chargers

Start Charging with us with our EV Charging App by MNL

Key Features

Advance Insight Reports

  • Detail graphs and trend reports can be generated for making critical decisions
  • Monetary and non-monetary balances of services
  • Real Time Analytics reports that helps user to efficiently and effectively operate individual EV Charging Stations

Remote Access

  • Overview control on all the connected EV charging stations
  • Access via web browser or start and stop charging sessions using our MNL EV Charger APP
  • Monitor and Transacts every individual Chargers for location tracking and availability

Infrastructure Management

  • Intuitive user friendly interface that provides smart AI approach in managing a comprehensive EV charging stations
  • Ease of use Dashboards with real-time data and Google mapping on the App
  • Our MNL EV Charging App also has Charging session management system that provides easy access to our EV Charging stations

Ease of Payment

  • Customizable and Adjustable charging fees to optimize the rate of use
  • Multiple payment channels with different mode of charging for different scenarios
  • Automated invoicing and billing for users