Benefits Of Portable EV Charger

Benefits Of Portable EV Charger

There are many benefits of a portable EV charger. If you have a portable EV charger with you, you can charge your EV overnight at home with no hassle at all. How long does it take to charge your EV? If the charging station is 3kW, it will take about 8-12 hours. There are many things that you should take into consideration when looking for the best portable EV for your vehicle. The capacities of your vehicle and the charger are just a couple of them. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of a portable EV charger and how it makes your life easy.


It is ideal if you are travelling long distances regularly

long distancesWhen it comes to the benefits of a portable EV charger, here is a major one. We advise you to adopt the conventional system if you utilize the vehicle in your day-to-day life. By doing so, you will ensure that the vehicle is in the maximum charge condition for as much of the time as possible. But what does a PEV bring to the table? You will not have to be in two minds while driving as you will not have to pay attention to the cruising range. But, make sure that you are aware of the fuel consumption.


With a PEV, you can charge your EVs quickly

fast chargingWould you admit if we say that a portable EV charger is efficient when compared with a public charging station? Yes, it is true. If you are charging your EV from a public station, you have to drive all the way there, wait until it comes to your turn in the queue and then charge your vehicle. The process seems like a hassle itself, and it takes a lot of time. But, on the other hand, let’s take a home EV charger into consideration. You will be able to complete a quick top-up of your EV within 30-45 minutes. It sounds efficient, right? But, you should keep in mind that it can take up to 8 hours to completely charge your vehicle. The time can vary depending on the rate of charging.



It is a tough ask to search for public charging stations that are compatible with your EV and its battery. But you can buy a Type 1 portable EV or a Type 2 portable EV, depending on the charging capacity of your EV. Did you know that a portable EV supplier offers a wide range of both AC and DC chargers? These are compatible with all EVs.

When it comes to a PEV, you can select one as per your requirements. There are many portable EVs available in the market that will match your financial limits, too.


These chargers are compact

You can easily carry portable EV chargers everywhere. The reason behind that fact is that these are not heavy at all. It is very easy to carry these from one place to another as the material they are made from is light. Storing the PEVs is not a big deal, too. They will fit anywhere you choose as they are very small in size. You can take this charger anywhere you like with ease, as this charger is portable. We advise you to store this charger in the trunk of your car.



ProtectionThe level of protection that portable EV chargers offer is high when compared with other chargers, and that is a major fact when it comes to the benefits of a portable EV charger.

Suppose you are facing some bad weather outside or it is too bright. You do not have to worry. If your charger is made of durable, high-quality and dependable materials, it will withstand these weather conditions and will make your charging process hassle-free.

Other than withstanding extreme weather conditions, there are high-quality chargers available in the market that will not malfunction even when in contact with water. Not only that, there are PEVs that are made of quality materials that are resistant to fire, too.


Flexibility of these chargers

FlexibilityThis stands tall among the benefits of a portable EV charger. What if you are charging your EV from a public charging station? You will have to go to the station, stay in the queue and come back. It could be a hassle as it will take a significant amount of your valuable time. But, when you have a PEV, you don’t have to visit a station physically. You can charge your vehicle any time of the day as you would like. You can be travelling or at your office; you can charge your EV from wherever you are with ease.


Low cost

Low costWe are implying here that the cost of these charging stations is low when considered with a stationary charging station. Let us explain. You will have to invest a significant amount of money in the infrastructure when it comes to a stationary charging station.

The power supply required for portable EV chargers is low when compared with these stationary charging stations. In electric vehicle charging stations, you should pay a certain fee if you are using their services. But with these chargers, it is not a concern. As a result, you will end up saving a significant amount of money by using these chargers.



There are many benefits of a portable EV charger. Because of the convenience they provide, we believe that they have become a necessity for EV owners. There are several reputed brands in the market that use high-quality materials in manufacturing these chargers, and you can enjoy the benefits they offer by investing in them. These are utilizing the latest cutting-edge technologies, and we find no harm in trying them out.