What is commercial EV charger installation?

EV Charging station

The EV charging requirements of Singaporeans have increased during the last few years. Therefore, the companies have paid attention to commercial EV charger installation. There are many benefits of doing this and they will be able to establish themselves as early adopters of the future transportation system.

In Singapore, there are EV charging solutions available for almost all the business sectors. But, they can be complicated on certain occasions. For example, the identification of the ideal solution for your company could be a challenge. During commercial EV charger installation at your location, certain important things must be considered. There are some critical factors that you have to consider during your commercial EV charging installation procedure.


Analyzing the business goals


To design an efficient commercial EV charger installation strategy, you first need to analyze your company’s requirements and preferences. You have to ask and answer these questions before implementing the strategy.

Firstly, you have to decide who is going to make use of the recharge stations. Businesses need to have an in-depth comprehension of the actions and issues important to their target demographic. The recharge requirements of people are different from one another. Therefore, it is important to identify the people who will use EV charging stations.

How many EVs will be charged on a daily basis? If you plan to install electric vehicle stations at your location, it is important to have an accurate estimate of the number of vehicles that will need to charge there. Companies should make it a priority to install sufficient charging terminals to meet the needs of all of their drivers without spending an excessive amount of money on extra chargers.

What is next question you should ask yourself during commercial EV charger installation process. Is your company actively looking out for new employees? Having an enthusiastic workforce conscious about sustainability is important for any organization. When you have EV chargers installed on your workplace, it can satisfy your employees who own EVs. We believe that, all businesses should consider providing EV charging as an additional service for their employees.



Location of map


Location determination is important if you are looking for maximum efficiency. There are several factors that you should consider during location determination of commercial EV charger installation. Firstly, you must consider the distance between the electrical panel and the charging station itself. Trenching and wiring must be done more frequently if the distance is greater. It will drive up the cost of the implementation. Companies need to try to cut this distance down as much as possible.


Advantages of commercial EV charger installation

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Did you know that installing commercial electric vehicle charging stations on your premises has numerous advantages? But, because of the initial investment, some people may hesitate to proceed. Let us point out three significant ways that your return on investment will be worth the initial expense of installing EV charging stations.


  • You can bring in new customers by advertising your company.

Suppose you have a company to run. If you have electric vehicle chargers on your property, it will attract new clients to your company. It will be even more beneficial if more and more people purchase electric vehicles. The overall number of electric vehicles sold globally in 2019 was 2.1 million. It is an increase of 40% when compared with 2018. We don’t think it is a bad time to invest in commercial EV charger installation because the EV market is anticipated to expand to $2.3 trillion by 2041. So, go for it!


  • Activists for renewable energy deserve your support.

When you install an EV charger on your premises, the employees can charge their EVs while on the job. It will make your company a better place to work at. When people think about buying an electric vehicle, one of the most common concerns is the possibility that they won’t be able to locate a recharge station when they require its use. People will be motivated to invest in an electric vehicle (EV) if more places of business implement charging stations for EVs.


  • You can make some extra income.

You might already be charging your tenants for parking. If yes, you can charge an additional fee for a parking space with an electric vehicle charger. It will help you earn some more money, and all you have to do is invest in commercial EV charger installation. Charging money from your employees based on how long they use the charger or how much time they spend parked in the designated area encourages them to move their vehicles once the battery has been completely charged. It will allow someone else to utilize the charging station. The imposition of an additional charge proportional to the amount of time a vehicle spends parked in a particular space deters drivers of gas-powered vehicles from parking there simply because it is the first place they see.



Before starting a commercial EV charger installation project, a site assessment should be carried out. It will help to determine both available power and EV charging options. The assessment includes the best locations for EV chargers. Not only that, but the site assessment will also determine the best locations for future chargers.

A professional will provide an estimate of the costs involved and recommendations for any necessary improvements. They will assist you in selecting an electric vehicle charging station suitable for your requirements. In deciding this, they will consider factors such as billing and fee choices, remote control, and access control. Next comes the site design development after considering the local, state, and federal regulations. Planning and coordinating the implementation of your EV charger is also a vital step in the process. Then comes the commercial EV charger installation process and testing of the system.