How to protect your EV battery while charging?

EV Battery charging

Electric vehicles are not the future. We can safely say that it is the present as well. The EV industry is gaining momentum with every passing day. If you are already the proud owner of an EV, you should also remember to care for its EV battery. In this article, we will talk about protecting and maintaining the most critical part of your electric vehicle, which happens to be the EV battery. Why is it essential to charge your electric vehicle properly? May I ask you this question? Aren’t we conscious while charging our smartphones? Aren’t we conscious while charging our laptops? The same goes for the EV battery. We care for the EV battery intending to ensure that it lasts long, maximizes its range, and improves its performance. This article will discuss the best practices to prevent your EV battery while charging.


Choosing the appropriate charger

Types of EV chargersWe have repeatedly discussed the importance of choosing the right EV charging station in most of our articles. Choose the more appropriate charging station if you want your EV battery to last long. During selecting the stations, you should pay attention to some crucial factors. Some of those factors include compatibility, speed of charging, and the quality of the professionals you hire. In a vehicle, it’s vital to care about the health of the battery and its performance. Therefore we recommend you approach the EV manufacturer to get a recommendation about which charger you should go for.


Pay attention to the charging levels closely.

EV chargingAre we charging our smartphone to 100% if it is not necessary? No, we don’t. The same goes with yeah electric vehicles. As a measure of caring for our EV battery, we should identify the charging levels in your electric car and not exceed a hundred percent during one charge. If you consistently charge your EV battery up to 100%, the chance for the battery to get degraded will be higher than the usual amount. It would help if you always tried to keep the charging levels between 20% and 80%. Following this practice will help you improve your vehicle’s battery life.


Avoid getting inclined towards rapid charging.

We all know rapid charging is a convenient option when charging your vehicle. But did you know that using quick charging is a reason that impacts the health of your EV battery? Let us explain how. The amount of heat generated during rapid charging is very high. It can exert an extra amount of stress on the cells of the EV battery. That is not a good sign. Therefore always try to use slower charging options for your EV. Level two charging options can reduce the amount of heat generated. And it will increase the lifespan of your EV battery.


Maintenance of ideal charging temperatures.

TemperatureDid you know that the EV battery performance differs according to the conditions? Yes, you heard it right. During specific temperature ranges, the performance of EV batteries is much better. As mentioned above, extreme heat and cold can affect your EV battery negatively. It will reduce the performance of your battery and longevity as well. Therefore we advise you to park your vehicle in covered areas when the temperature is high. You can use preconditioning features before charging sessions. This measure ensures that your battery’s efficiency remains higher, increasing the EV battery life too.


Schedule your charging sessions.

There are electric vehicles that provide you with scheduled charging features. Utilizing these features, you can program the time your car should be charged. We advise you to use this feature and plan the charging sessions strategically. Make sure to schedule the charging periods according to your driving requirements. By doing so, you can optimize the EV battery’s health. At the same time, it will ensure that there will be a low amount of unnecessary charging.


You should update the charging software that you use.

EV charging softwareThis should be done regularly. Manufacturers of EV chargers are usually releasing software updates for their systems that include improvements for the management of the batteries. It would be best if you stayed updated about this. Make sure that the EV charging software that you use is up-to-date. The updates will play a massive role in improving the battery performance of your electric vehicle.


Pay attention to ambient temperature while you are charging the EV.

If the ambient temperature is extreme, it can negatively affect the health of your EV battery. Therefore we advise you to carry out the charging process in an environment with moderate temperature. When the temperature is cold, it can reduce the efficiency of charging. On the other hand, a warm temperature can accelerate the EV battery’s degradation. Therefore it’s crucial to keep balance. It will help you preserve the EV battery life.


Be careful when you are using public charging stations.

EV charging stationThere is no doubt about the convenience of the public charging stations. But it is crucial to be cautious when you are using these. There are many reasons behind it. You should choose charging stations that are well-reputed and well-maintained. They should have a track record of safety. If the charging stations you use are unreliable, they will likely use unsafe measures. They might even deliver inconsistent power too. These factors can impact your EV battery in the wrong way.


Make a plan according to your driving requirements.

It is important to consider your driving requirements when planning the charging sessions. Suppose that the daily mileage of your EV is very low. If that is the case, you might not need to charge your electric vehicle for total capacity every day. That is just an example. The charging requirements of each person are different. You should be able to make changes to your charging strategy as per these driving needs to ensure that your battery is charged enough for the distance you are going to travel. It will also help reduce the time you are unnecessarily charging your EV.



So, that is the list. Knowing what you can do to safeguard your EV battery while charging the vehicle is very important. Be mindful and use the best charging practices. It can protect your battery, and it will increase its lifespan. We hope you found this article helpful.