Why you need EV charging station consultant

Why you need EV charging station consultant

Why you need help from EV charging station consultant

The value of the EV market was at $208.95 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach $957.42 billion by 2030. It suggests a growth rate of 24.51 percent over the forecast period from 2022 to 2030. The proliferation of electric vehicles, both commercially and privately, has led to an increase in the need for charging stations. As a result of this, there is an increase in the popularity and the demand for electric vehicle charging station consulting services. A good EV charging station consultant will ensure that you are never left to fend for yourself when developing a strategy for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

There are a number of advantages that come along with the installation of electric vehicle charging stations. A small example is that, if you have a charging station in the office, it has the potential to recruit and keep talented employees. Let me point out one more thing. The charging stations have the potential to bring in revenue for apartment or condominium complexes.


Why is an EV charging station consultant important?

EV charging station consultant

However, as we mentioned above, before the installation of the chargers, the whole project needs to be supervised by someone. To be more specific, an individual or group of people had to figure out certain important concerns such as how many chargers are required, coordinate with the design team, bid on and contract with the charging equipment vendor and contractor, schedule and oversee the installation, and also train the people using the charging station on how to use the it. All of these tasks needed to be completed before the station could be used and it is recommended to let the professionals handle these. 

An EV charging station consultant is someone who is knowledgeable about electric vehicles and can advise clients on a variety of topics, including the type of charging equipment that is optimal for their premises, the number of charging stations that are required both now and in the future, design strategies, and more. Simply put, an EV charging station consultant knows almost all there is to know about charging electric automobiles.

Let’s talk about the ways in which an EV charging station consultant can save you both time and money.


Assembling the group of architects and engineers

group of architects and engineers

There are three different third parties who matter to the electric vehicle charging initiative a lot. An architect or engineer, a provider of charging equipment, and a contractor are the three parties that make up this group. It is in your best interest to do some comparison shopping in order to bring the whole cost down as much as you can.

Working with an EV charging station consultant can save you time and money in three different ways. The first approach is that they can help you get the architect and engineer team. This cost is quite debatable due to the fact that it differs from company to company. The work involved is typically not too difficult to understand; nonetheless, the cost of the design will differ from company to company.

Not only will an EV charging station consultant assist in the drafting of the request for proposals (RFP), but they will also be of assistance during the review and awarding of the bids. The process often requires some amount of time to complete. 


Buying charging equipment

Buying charging equipment

If acquiring an architect or engineer involves some work, finding a source for charging equipment will demand considerably more of your time. When you meet a charger dealer for the first time, it is likely the first time you have ever done anything like that. In addition to this, it is highly possible that you will need to do some research on a few of the names because the general public is not very familiar with them.

In addition, every company that sells charging products has their own distinct catalog of goods. Putting it simply, it will need experience to choose the appropriate seller at the best price. Another area in which an electric vehicle charging consultant can be of use is this one. An electric vehicle consultant will be able to assist with the purchase of the charging equipment provider, just as they can with the architect or engineer.

An EV charging station consultant has extensive knowledge of the overall process and can rapidly identify the approximate cost of each vendor as well as the sort of charger that is most ideally suited for the task at hand. How? Because they are due to their status as industry professionals.


Acquisition of a contractor

EV charging plant contractor

The contractor is the final of the three third parties to be considered. This cost is quite variable depending on the location and the scope of the work. The overall installation cost will be significantly greater than usual on certain occasions. If there is quick access to the electrical panel and just a small amount of work needs to be done on the site, then the price will, of course, be lower.

In addition, every individual contractor will have their own costs, which will differ from company to company. Although the extent of the task might be objective, the rate that the contractor charges is entirely up to them. Therefore, comparison shopping is an excellent strategy for reducing expenditures.

An EV charging station consultant may help you save countless hours of your time in addition to hundreds or even thousands of dollars during the RFP, bid review, and award process. Both reducing the amount of time a project takes and the amount of money it costs.


Finalizing which charging equipment to go ahead with

Finalizing EV charging equipment

As mentioned above, working with an EV charging station consultant can save you time and money in multiple ways. Out of those, providing guidance in selecting the appropriate charging equipment is a major one. As was noted earlier, there are a number of different manufacturers of electric vehicle charging devices. Each product has its own unique pricing point as well as a set of features. 

An EV charging station consultant will be able to advise you on the charging equipment that is most appropriate for your project. If you choose the right charger, you can avoid spending possibly thousands of dollars on an EV charger that comes with capabilities you do not need at all. 

It is not necessary for you to conduct research on the various manufacturers of charging systems because the EV consultant has already done so on your behalf and is aware of which one is most suitable for the position.


Identifying the right location to install the charging station at

Identifying the right location to install the charging station

The installation of the chargers in strategic areas is of the utmost importance. This may include, but is not limited to, simple access for drivers and users, proximity to the electrical panel or proximity to an accessible line of travel.

An EV charging station consultant can assess the design and verify that all of these factors are taken into account. An EV consultant will have experience reviewing plans, allowing them to swiftly advise on the optimal sites, which will ultimately result in lower total costs. Despite the fact that this may not seem like a particularly important detail, once the chargers have been installed, it will be very costly to move them.


Permit Process

Permit Process

Permitting is a procedure of due diligence that protects the general public from any safety problems and upholds development and building standards. This process might be slow at times, but it serves to safeguard the public.

Obtaining a permit from the appropriate local authority is necessary prior to installing electric vehicle charging stations. There may be other site work and accessibility regulations that need to be fulfilled in addition to the electrical component. The entirety of the project scope is finalized for construction once the necessary permits have been obtained.

An EV charging station consultant may take the lead in the permitting procedure in order to help reduce the expenses associated with design. Because an EV consultant’s charges are typically lower than that of an architect or engineer, hiring one can result in cost savings for you.


In order to successfully install electric vehicle charging stations, a significant amount of effort and experience is required. As was just discussed, there are a lot of different jobs to be done and measures to take before the chargers can be placed. Any errors that are committed along the road will result in increased costs, a pushed back timeline, and possibly missed opportunities or expectations. An EV charging station consultant can be of assistance in this situation.